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Fans created by AWENTA are designed for use in residential, utility and office buildings. Depending on the nature of the place and its volume, we offer products with parameters, functions and properties that ensure adequate ventilation.


We implement modern technologies of the XXI century. Better, more efficient and aesthetic fans for everybody.


Thanks to a special system of interchangeable panels, AWENTA fans can be adapted to any premise.


We use advanced technology to provide customers with fans and accessories of the highest quality.


Systems are designed to fit the interior design. You can easily match the look of the fan with the premise.


Wdrożyliśmy monitoring procesów technologicznych i System Zarządzania Jakością zgodny z EN-PN ISO 9001:2000.


Thanks to the removable external panels, you buy a fan only once. When renovating the premise, you are not forced to replace the entire device.
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